The Taxman’s big brother is watching you!

Should HMRC launch an investigation into your tax affairs, they will know your inside leg measurement even before they knock on your door. 

They obviously know about all your employment jobs but they also know about your rental income if you go through an agency as they have to tell the Taxman this information by law.  They will also know when you bought the rental property (thanks to the Land Registry) and who lives there (Electoral roll). 

The banks tell him how much interest you’ve earned on your savings, he knows where and when you’ve travelled around London (courtesy of the nice chaps at Oyster card) and where you shop and how much you spend (loyalty cards).

Expect them to be familiar with your Facebook and Myspace pages so your photos of expensive cars and holidays will need some explaining if you are only declaring £10k pa earnings!

And remember….walls have ears!


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